About J Supple Law PC

    John L. Supple


J Supple Law PC is a law firm specializing in defending liability claims against all aspects of the healthcare industry. Being a specialty law firm allows J Supple Law PC to pragmatically devote its resources to keeping abreast of developments and trends in healthcare defense as well as to provide legal services without competing interests which can effect the quality and costs of service provided by larger firms.



Our Mission

Provide focused representation for those persons and corporations who care for the elderly, sick and infirm;

Engage only attorneys and staff with specific and extensive skills in defending the care provided by our clients;

Provide that representation in an aggressive and skillful fashion while remaining cognizant of the attendant cost to the client;

Maintain the highest respect from our peers and adversaries in all aspects of our representation of our clients;

Present our clients with alternative approaches to representation be it unrelenting defense or capitalizing on an opportunity to resolve a matter pragmatically and cost effectively;

Continue to be a leader in our field and to provide guidance and safety to professionals whose activity remains under siege.




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